`I was born in 1986 and growing up on a little self-sustained farm in the mountains of Switzerland. Already as a child I knew I wanted to become an artist. Growing up in a small village with old traditions in craft, and my passion for creativity, made me choose to go to the only woodcarving school in Switzerland.

After some time, I realized that I wasn't finding creativity in the traditional way we were taught to work with wood and that I enjoyed the freedom in the sculpting lessons of working in clay much better. After graduating I went on to art school, to explore different ways of expression.

Within the next years I worked as Idea Designer and textile designer in Switzerland. Later as an ice and snow artist in Sweden.
I experimented with land art, installation, photography, and painting, living in China, Iceland and Canada, and finally found my way back to clay in the years living in South Africa.

2018 My husband Ville, our three children and I moved to Finland to settle down.

Here we found our home with the ancient trees, old wooden buildings, the nearby forest, the skies and endless views over the fields. All this is giving me the possibility to have a nature and art-filled life and the inspiration to create in clay.`

Janine Gerber Moser